BREED:  Terrier - Dalmation
DATE OF BIRTH:   August 27, 2006
Senior • Female • Medium

On the afternoon of Dec. 14, 2016, we had to make the excruciatingly difficult decision to accompany our sweet senior lady, Tilda, to Rainbow Bridge. She saw her veterinarian for another exam because it seemed the gathering storm of her neurological decline was churning with unanticipated speed, and had grown into a roaring sea of dis-ease. Tilda had grown to no longer desire interaction with anyone – people, or the dogs she had become friends and romped with in her hospice foster home. Our normally restful girl had previously begun some pacing about, but it had become almost incessant, and she was getting “stuck” in corners or other areas. Our sweetest girl seemed to be existing in what had become, to her, a foreign and confusing land – both internally and externally.

Tilda came to SDR from Lori K, who found Tilda standing in the middle of a road, in the rain, disoriented and frightened. Lori stopped, rather than driving on by. Lori did something, rather than assuming “someone” would. Lori saved Tilda’s life. When no owner could be found, Lori began Tilda’s vetting and reached out for help in finding a permanent place for this quirky, adorable girl. One of SDR’s earliest foster moms opened her heart and home to Tilda as a foster.  In early November 2016, Tilda transitioned from “regular foster” to “hospice foster”. Sadly, the neurological symptoms Tilda was experiencing were increasing at a rapid rate.

Foster Mom Laura stayed with Tilda at the vet’s office while she gently went to sleep and journeyed to Rainbow Bridge.   Our Angel Ship Mates who have already made their journeys – Geoffrey, Sasha, Fisher, Gizmo, and Morgan – were there to welcome Tilda with loving paws.

Sweet Tilda, your life was a blessing, your memory a treasure. You are loved beyond words and missed beyond measure.

Fair winds and following seas, Ship Mate Tilda…your life mattered, you are loved, and you will never be forgotten.


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