BREED:  Possibly Husky/Beagle/Shepherd/Retriever
DATE OF BIRTH:   January 30, 2016
Baby • Female • Medium-Large

MADDY HAS FOUND HER FOREVER FAMILY!  She is going to have a wonderful life with her new mom and dad, two human kids, and her new bestie – her new fur-brother!  Congratulations, Maddy!!!



March 30, 2016 – Easter is a symbol of hope, renewal, and new life.  Easter weekend, one young puppy’s life was forever changed by this hope of a renewed life.   New Sea Dog Rescue Ship Mate, “Maddy” (Magdalena), was rescued from a parking lot in TN where she and her seven litter mates were being given away to anyone who happened by and would take one, “free to a good home”.  All the other pups had already been given away, but SDR was able to keep Maddy from an uncertain future.  Because she joined the rescue on Easter weekend, and because she has the beautiful and unique marking of a cross on her face, she was named “Magdalena”, and thus began her new life of hope and renewal.

Magdalena – “Maddy” for short – is now learning how wonderful life can be.  She is learning what it’s like to live indoors, have a soft bed, and feel safe in her new temporary foster home in South Mills, NC.  She also has a new pup pal and 3 youngsters to play with

Maddy is “all puppy”, running and playing at full steam for a bit and then settling down for a nap, only to be ready to play again a short time later.  Her favorite things are plush squeaky toys, puppy chews, and soft grass, and she loves to play with anyone who is up for some fun, whether that is a person, dog, cat, or lady bug – it just doesn’t matter to her what you are as long as you like to have fun with her!  Maddy also seems to really like water, whether it’s splashing in the kiddie pool, or stomping her paws in a mud puddle!  And when she’s all tuckered out from playing, she’s ready to cuddle up next to you, or a doggy friend,  and drift off to sleep while you gently stroke her fur.

Maddy’s estimated date of birth is January 30, 2016 and she is a mixed breed pup, possibly including Husky, Beagle, or Shepherd and Retriever.  There is really no way to know what her breed mix is, but we were told that the mother dog was a Husky mix.  Maddy will need a home with a securely fenced yard, preferably a 6-foot privacy fence, so she can run with abandon…and express her exuberance for life (ie, get rid of some energy!).  Maddy is receiving routine core vaccinations, deworming, and has started on heartworm prevention and flea/tick prevention.  This little girl is one smart puppy, as she is doing great with her potty training and is comfortable sleeping in her crate overnight; she made the trip from Tennessee to North Carolina by car over two days’ time, staying in a hotel overnight, and she is a stellar travel companion.  Maddy will be spayed prior to her adoption being finalized, though she can join her new family prior to her spay under Sea Dog Rescue’s foster-to-adopt agreement.