BREED:  Yellow Lab Mix
DATE OF BIRTH:   2/28/2016
Adult • Female • Medium-Large

At the shelter, I was known as “Lady Inga”, but my Ship Mate name was shortened to “Inga”…which I kinda like, because it means “Hero’s Daughter”, and then there’s the whole being protected by the Norse god of peace thing that I’ve got going for me!  I guess that’s one reason I’m pretty confident and I’m so curious!  The world is my oyster and I would enjoy having a partner or family who will include me on their awesome adventures!  I can be the best running partner ever (I’m fast as lightenin’!), we could do zoomies around an agility course, or we could just horse around in the back yard or the beach or the forest!  I’m a girl on the go and I’d love to share that with my new family!

Inga is approximately a year old (est. DOB 2/28/2016) and is a gorgeous, athletic, friendly  girl who loves to show her joyful side; she is good with people, other dogs, and cats – but size would be a caution with cats.  She’s naturally good about not jumping up on you and she will positively thrive with a regular diet of fun, short training games to really set her naturally good doggy manners.  Her innate loyalty and love are impossible to deny when you squat down and invite her to hug you.  Her little paws wrap around your neck, and she offers kisses if you want them.  A true love bug with an active side, she’s a compact, muscular girl of about 50 pounds and is up for a game the moment you invite her to play.  Inga is up to date on her vaccinations & vet checks; she will be spayed 3/8/17 and will be going to her Moyock, NC foster home on 3/10/17.  Inga will be on a temporary medical hold for heartworm treatment until late May/early June, but we are accepting adoption applications for her now!  Inga is asymptomatic and we expect her to do great through the treatment and to be better than ever once she completes her care.



*Sea Dog Rescue is a foster home based rescue – we do not have a shelter or kennel facility nor do we have regular hours when our companions can be seen. For the safety of our foster caregivers and our dogs, applications must be submitted and references checked prior to setting an appointment for a Meet and Greet with our dogs in our foster homes.*

All of our dogs have some potty training under their belly, however, dogs less than 8 months of age are not considered reliably potty trained. Most of our dogs less than 6 months of age are not yet spayed or neutered but this will be done by the rescue when they are 6 months old and is included in the adoption fee; these dogs enter homes as ‘Foster to Adopt’ and ownership transfer will not occur until after surgical sterilization is completed. All of our dogs are up to date on vaccinations, including rabies if they are old enough. Microchipping is included in the adoption fee.