BREED:  Chocolate Lab-Shepherd mix
DATE OF BIRTH:   April 2, 2012
Adult • Male • Large

HENRY UPDATE – Oct. 20, 2015 – A foster home was never found for Henry, and we did not want him to have a prolonged stay in boarding, so we reached out to a terrific lab rescue for assistance.  They came and met Henry and felt as though they would be able to find him a great home pretty quickly.  Henry officially joined Lab Rescue of LRCP on Tuesday, Oct. 20.  We will be keeping up with Henry and will update when he has found a new home!




Henry Is In BOARDING and needs a FOSTER HOME OR FOREVER HOME ASAP!!!   For a dog like Henry, boarding is no place to be. Why? Because Henry really connects with his people, and in boarding he has “staff”. The staff at his kennel is attentive to our Henry, but they go home at night and Henry has to stay in his kennel…alone. “Tribe-dogs” (a lot like a human being who is a “people-person”), want to be with their tribe…their people…the family they hold with loyalty and love in their heart. Sea Dog Rescue wants this for Henry more than anything.

Henry is a special blend of Chocolate Lab and Shepherd. In the looks department, he hit pay dirt! Henry has a rich, creamy, coffee bean brown coat that is medium length and does not require expensive trips to the groomers. You, Henry, a brush, and a little time spent in the moment while you give him a quick (or long…it’s addictive!) brush and it’s a win-win for everybody. Henry is a ruggedly handsome young man and is sturdy enough to accompany you “on the trail”. He responds great to the challenge of learning something new and if brushing up on his skills meant he could hang with you a lot of the day, he’d be all for it!

In the personality department, Henry’s shepherd side glows with his undying loyalty and his “big brother” feelings toward his people. Henry is open to widening his circle of people friends, but he wants to give you the sniff of approval before joining his circle of trust. With doggy friends, he’s more of a ladies man. Henry lived with two female dogs (a boxer/pit mix and a 15 lbs. Pomeranian mix) and enjoyed his role as the heroic fur-man of the house. He also likes polite dogs who know the etiquette of personal space. Because Henry likes his “face space”, we don’t think he would be a good fit for a family with small children or toddlers who might want to communicate at face level with him. (Honestly, that would unnerve me too!) Henry is the strong, sensitive type who isn’t into a lot of noise or boisterous activity. Henry wants to be with his family as much as possible and needs a home (foster or forever) where he doesn’t have to spend long hours alone. If you want a best friend – a soul friend – who is faithful, Henry is waiting for you!

Henry is a 3 yr. old neutered male, UTD on vetting, heartworm negative, and microchipped. Henry is potty trained, has good house manners and knows some basic commands, and he is not comfortable in a crate. He will do best in a foster or forever home with a securely fenced yard to run and play in. His estimated DOB is April 2012. Henry is currently located in Chesapeake, VA.