Transport for Our Adopted Animals

Sea Dog Rescue provides transport assistance for all of our adopted animals to their new home at no additional fee to their new family!  Paula Ford is an OTRA (On The Road Again Transport Group) Verified Transport Coordinator and coordinates transports for our adopted animals.  If you don’t know anything about relay transports for animals, here are a few facts:


  • A relay transport is a routed transport from origination location to final destination.  The route may include transport via private vehicle, over-the-road truckers, or even private airplane pilots who offer their services to get our animals where they need to go.
  • Transport Coordinators plan the route along major highways and interstates.
  • Transport “legs”, i.e., individual portions of the relay, are usually 60-90 miles in length, one way.
  • Transport drivers are always screened and verified – references are checked and full contact information is on file with the Transport Coordinator.
  • Transports are monitored; each driver calls in to the Transport Coordinator when he or she hands the dogs off to the next driver.
  • Animals must meet certain requirements for transport to help ensure safety for not only the animals, but also for the transport drivers.  Examples include, but are not limited to:
    • Animals must have a valid Health Certificate, signed by a licensed veterinarian
    • Animals must be fully vetted and current on vaccinations
    • Animals must be free from any communicable diseases or parasites
    • Animals who meet age requirements must have had a rabies vaccination and be accompanied by their rabies certificate
    • Additional time is added to each transport leg so animals can be walked for potty breaks and have water.
    • Animals are transported inside a closed vehicle with appropriate temperature regulation.
    • Depending on age and/or weight, animals may be transported in crates or safely tethered in the back seat of vehicles.
    • Most transports are scheduled for the weekend.

Many, many people drive for animal transports every weekend to help rescue animals and get them to the rescue who is taking them into their program or to their foster or forever homes.  Transports vary in length and duration and may include an overnight stay with a volunteer…we call these “Pawjama Parties”!  You do not need to have any special skills to become a transport driver and assist in this life saving activity.


To sign up to drive rescue animal transports and help get animals to safety, fill out the driver’s information form.  You may also be interested in joining OTRA, On The Road Again volunteer transport group and becoming a verified transporter!  For additional information about joining OTRA please visit the OTRA Yahoo group.

Transport drivers are literally the life’s blood of rescue for many, many animals – won’t you drive a few miles to help an animal reach safety?