Volunteers Needed!

Volunteers are the life blood of Sea Dog Rescue.  Without volunteers, we would not be able to rescue dogs in need and place them in loving forever homes.  There are several ways you can help us help dogs in need.  All it takes is a little time and love.  The crew at Sea Dog Rescue and our Ship Mates greatly appreciate your help!


While fostering is only temporary, you are changing the life of your foster dog forever.  Our fosters literally make the difference between life and death.  Sea Dog Rescue does not have a kennel facility or board dogs in boarding facilities.  We cannot save them from the shelter if we do not have a safe foster home for them to go to.  Fostering a dog is vastly rewarding.  You are able to make an immeasurable difference for your foster.  You are saving a life.  Sea Dog Rescue pays for all vetting up front.  All you need to provide is food and love.  To learn more about becoming a foster, click here.


Sea Dog Rescue offers transport assistance of our adopted dogs to their new homes at no extra cost to the adopter.  We also drive all over the region to pull dogs out of shelters and take them to their foster homes.  Won’t you drive a few miles to help a Sea Dog in need?  We would greatly appreciate it!  Learn more about becoming a volunteer transport driver here.


Sea Dog Rescue conducts home visits for all potential fosters and adopters.  By performing home visit checks, we ensure that our Sea Dogs are going to a safe home.  The homes we visit are spread throughout the region.  If you would like to sign up to perform home visit checks in your area, please contact Paula on our Contact Us page.  Training and a home visit form will be provided for your use.


Sea Dog Rescue conducts phone interviews and reference checks for all potential fosters and adopters.  If you are like to talk to people, we would love to have your help!  Sea Dog Rescue will provide training and forms for you to use.  If you are interested in helping with reference checks, please contact Paula on our Contact Us page.


Sea Dog Rescue attends events whenever possible.  It is important for us to get our Sea Dogs out and about in the community.  We would love to have assistance in dog handling and dog walking.  We also sell merchandise to raise funds to help cover veterinary costs of our Sea Dogs.  If you would like to join us at an event for a fun day of volunteering, please contact Laura on our Contact Us page.


Sea Dog Rescue uses “Adopt Me” vests at all of our events for our Sea Dogs.  If you are skilled in sewing, and would like to make some vests for us, we would greatly appreciate it!  Vests needed would range in size from small to large.  If you would like to make these for Sea Dog Rescue, please contact Paula on our Contact Us page for more information.

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