Foster application

Please fill out form completely.  You must be 21 years or older to adopt a dog from Sea Dog Rescue.  If you have difficulty completing and submitting this form online, please email to receive the foster application via email.

NOTE:  A home visit check is required prior to your approval as a foster caregiver for Sea Dog Rescue

Sea Dog Rescue will pay for and supply the following veterinary care/items:

  • Monthly heartworm preventative medication
  • Monthly flea/tick preventative medication
  • Emergency care for emergency injury or illness; Sea Dog Rescue MUST be notified PRIOR to treatment and MUST be fully informed of the medical situation and probable outcome from treatment options by the veterinarian who is to treat the foster animal.  Sea Dog Rescue retains the right to make final decisions as to treatment based on information and recommendation by the veterinarian.

Routine veterinary care MUST be approved PRIOR to office visit to qualify for payment by Sea Dog Rescue.

I (we) the undersigned, agree to follow all policies and procedures provided me (us) by Sea Dog Rescue and understand that non-compliance with any policy or procedure, falsification of the Foster application, or any cause for concern by Sea Dog Rescue for the dog’s health, safety, or welfare gives Sea Dog Rescue the right to reclaim this Rescue Dog without notice.

Filling out this application to be a foster caregiver with Sea Dog Rescue does not guarantee approval as a foster caregiver.  We reserve the right to reject an applicant based on the information obtained on the application, through reference checks, telephone interviews, or home visit checks.  Our primary goal is for the welfare, health, and safety of our companion animals; these animals are part of our family and it is our intention to ensure that they have the best care and are loved for the remainder of their natural lives.

The adopter understands that all work done with Sea Dog Rescue and/or its rescue animals is at his/her own risk, and hereby releases Sea Dog Rescue, its officers, volunteers, agents, employees, contractors and representatives from any liability of any kind whatsoever arising from his/her voluntary adoption of an animal from Sea Dog Rescue and/or from any claims relating to adoption, ownership, or possession of the animal.  The adopter also agrees to indemnify and hold harmless adopting agent, its officers, volunteers, agents, employees, contractors, and representatives from any and all losses, fines, claims, or damages, including reasonable attorney’s fees, arising out of or relating to the animal or his/her voluntary adoption of said animal, including any claims for injury or damage to persons or property caused by the animal.