Foster caregivers give more than care, they give life! You don’t need any special training to be a foster caregiver and Sea Dog Rescue is always there to support you with guidance and assistance. Having available foster homes is one of the critically limiting factors for the number of dogs we are able to save from kill shelters. If you would like to become a foster caregiver, please fill out our Foster Application online. Sea Dog Rescue pays for all veterinary care up front; we ask foster homes to provide food, love, care, and lessons on basic house manners to prepare our dogs for their forever home as an inside companion. Sea Dog Rescue provides a Foster Manual with answers to your questions, an easy to follow training curriculum that achieves great results in only minutes per day, and is always only a phone call away to lend support!

Sea Dog Rescue Urgently Needs Foster Homes

As a small fledgling rescue organization, Sea Dog Rescue relies on foster caregivers to provide refuge for the companion animals we are able to rescue from shelters.   Once in the shelter, these companions have only a few days to be adopted; most never are.  It is a continual struggle to remove these wonderful companions before they are killed in the shelter.  In order to save lives, and in an effort to avoid having companions being removed from one “jail cell” to another by being taken to a boarding facility (which is prohibitively expensive), we place these companions with foster caregivers.  Foster caregivers are crucial to the success of saving these companion animals and giving them the opportunity to have their temperaments assessed as well as the help they often need to reintegrate into a “family” setting.

Foster caregivers always have the opportunity to adopt their foster companion animal, as long as that companion animal has not already been “spoken for” when they come to you.  Most of us in rescue are “foster failures”, having adopted at least one of our own fosters!

Do you have questions about being a foster?  Click here!