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Paula Ford

Paula has had a passion for animals of all kinds since she was a young child; stray dogs, cats, turtles, and other wildlife always seemed to find their way to her home. She got her first real “a-ha! moment” of literally saving animals’ lives at the age of 17 when she saved a litter of three Doberman Pinscher puppies, taking the puppies at 2 days old and feeding them by tube and then by bottle until they were able to eat formula on their own. Since then, Paula has been actively involved in rescue and uses her educational background in Biology and Medical Technology to ensure comprehensive care for Sea Dogs and to help people understand the precautions for, signs of, and prevention of the spread of common diseases in companion animals. Paula currently lives in northeastern North Carolina with her husband Steve, “itty-bitty-kitty” Aiko, and five rescued canines: Ashe, Dooley, Tucker, Shadow, and Peanut.

Susan Fogleman

Susan is another long time rescuer and has a passion for the smaller dogs, especially Schipperkes. Like so many rescuers, Susan began rescuing animals of all sorts when she was a child, bringing home sick and stray animals and nursing them back to health. In addition to serving on the board of Sea Dog Rescue, Susan is the Rescue Coordinator for SchipperkeRescue.net, Inc. and the President of the Colonial Schipperke Club. She is owned by her rescue dogs Gizmo, Pete, and April – all Schipperkes, and a rescue Pomeranian/Papillon mix named Ziva.

Toni Klemko

Toni is a long time rescuer and retired professional dog trainer, and has taught many dog owners how to satisfy their dog’s innate needs to become wonderful canine citizens. As a rescuer for over 15 years who has specialized in large, independent breeds, she appreciates the challenges many dogs face and has an exceptional instinct for ways to help them overcome these challenges. Toni also owns Dogs Wiggles and Grins, an online pet supply store specializing in products that dogs need and want to live happy, fulfilling lives. Her own fur crew includes Teki, a fully trained Akita Therapy Dog, Tilly, the “Pit Bull Peacemaker”, Indy, a rescued pit bull who saved their house from burning down, Nella, a rescued Australian Cattle Dog Blue heeler who is the “Class Clown”, and NiNi, the matriarch of the pack.

Tasha Coley

Tasha is the very proud furmom to Floyd, Harley, Dharma, and Lucy (who is waiting at the Bridge). She has been an animal rescuer all her life; from saving injured birds and frogs as a kid to rescuing furkids as an adult. All of her furkids are rescues. Dharma (AKA “Princess Dharma”) was supposed to only be a foster but Tasha knew she was a “failed foster” about 2 seconds after meeting Dharma. Tasha encourages you to open your homes and hearts to foster or adopt animals in need. “Fostering isn’t a permanent place for them, but your help will permanently help them.”

Steve Ford

Steve serves as the computer pro for Sea Dog Rescue, and shares life and home with SDR founder Paula, their five rescued dogs and one rescued kitty. He is pictured here with Dakota, who crossed Rainbow Bridge in October 2012. Steve is a skilled IT Professional and keeps the rescue’s computer hardware and software pinging along with efficiency.

Laura Bruner
Webmaster/Event & Fundraising Coordinator

Laura is an avid dog lover. She is new to the world of rescue and is loving every minute of it! Laura and her husband, Ben, live in Indiana with their adopted dogs, Cooper, June, and Willa. Cooper is a chocolate labrador and June & Willa are foxhounds. Now that Laura is involved in rescue, she feels she has finally found her true calling. There is no greater feeling than helping a pup in need. Laura highly recommends fostering or volunteering to help pups in need. It is such a rewarding experience!