Who Is Sea Dog Rescue and What Do We Do?

Sea Dog Rescue is a collection of dedicated volunteers, whose recognized passion is saving unwanted dogs from death, providing veterinary care, physical and behavioral rehabilitation, and charting their course to a safe, loving forever home where they will live out their lives as a valued member of the family.

Sea Dog Rescue is based close to the North Carolina coast and our volunteers span the eastern seaboard.   Paula Ford is at the helm of the rescue, and she and the other volunteers bring an extensive background of expertise in animal rescue – all-breed and breed specific; training, rehabilitation, transport, and basic veterinary care to the companion animals in the rescue.

Sea Dog Rescue is a foster home based rescue and the companions we remove from shelters live for a time with experienced, loving foster caregivers in their private residences.  The rescue provides for all vet care needed and is a constant resource for our foster homes.  Our adopters are fully screened via reference checks and performance of a home visit check in order to best ensure a lifetime of comfort, joy, and fulfillment for our companions.  We work hard to match the perfect companion with the perfect adopter, however, in the unlikely event that a placement does not work out, we will always take our dogs back into the rescue – in fact, that is our requirement so that none of our dogs ever see the inside of a shelter or live with less dignity and comfort than they deserve.


Sea Dog Rescue
PO Box 1304
Elizabeth City, NC  27906-1304



Sea Dog Rescue is in need of additional foster homes and we invite you to come aboard as a valued foster caregiver.  Please fill out our Foster Application online or contact Paula at for information on how you can participate in charting a course from despair to a life of joy and fulfillment for our companion animals by being a foster caregiver.


We operate primarily on donations to be able to pull dogs from shelters, provide needed veterinary care, including basic care or more specialized treatment for conditions such as heartworm disease, and foster care items.  We appreciate any donations on our animals’ behalf.

Together, we will weather the storms our dogs have endured and guide them into safe harbor with a loving family!

Sea Dog Rescue is a non-profit corporation; we are in the process of submitting the necessary application and fees to obtain Federal Tax Exempt status under 501c3.

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